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I want to thank Empress Energy Healing for providing high-quality crystals, Intuitive education, and compassion. I had asked the business owner some questions in regards to my crystal placement, she responded quickly and helped me tremendously. I’m glad I have came across Empress Energy Healing especially during my spiritual journey with crystals. She has inspired me to want to learn more on crystals and incorporate in my esthetician business. Thank you!


I recently had a tarot reading with Joli because I've been stuck in a funk lately with some heavy decisions on my plate. I've always been a ball of anxiety and worries. I'm the type to look over every possible option, or play out too many scenarios in my head that eventually deter me from following through with anything. I felt like I could use the extra guidance, and the messages that came through were what I needed. During the reading, Joli was very genuine, and had a very loving energy about her. She made it easy to relax and be present without my continuous worrying! She explained in detail what my card spread meant and took the time to hear how I felt the cards had pertained to my current situation. After my reading, I honestly felt so much better. I felt heard. I felt reassured. I felt like I found clarity with certain situations that I had questions about, as well as confirmations to the certain signs I felt I was receiving prior to my reading. If ever you find yourself in a funk like I was, I suggest you book yourself a reading with Joli. You won't regret it!


Great customer service and a large variety of quality items to choose from. Love the site!!


Booking a reading with Joli was the best decision I have made in a while! Not only was she super chill, so I felt comfortable, she was real with me and helped me get past some things I had been dwelling on that weren't good for me. Her reading was like a hug from the universe, a therapy session, a laugh session with a good friend, and truly ON POINT! LOVE YOU QUEEN!



Extremely Happy



Quality of the crystals, how quickly I received my shipment and how friendly and welcoming Joli is to her customers



None that I can think of atm